Wake up your energy. Jumpstart weight loss.

7 Day Master Cleanse is so effective!

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  • I lost 4 lbs.

    I increased my water, reduced my sugar. (Elise)

  • I wasn't hungry!

    I did not crave anything. It was easy to follow. (Mark)


What you get with this Master Cleanse:

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    Easy to follow food plan, shopping list, recipes

    You have a complete online library with 7 modules educating you about your digestive system and why it is the most important in your body, audio, video to de-stress, affirmations and modules on journaling, essential oils and more.

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    Professional grade NATURAL supplements

    You receive 21-30 days worth of supplements to support your liver, digestive system AND your adrenals. This combination of products is remarkable at giving your body the nutrients it needs to restore itself. Finally sustainable energy vs living on caffeine.

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    You will have the support of Dr. Cynthia and access to Q & A valued at hundreds of dollars to keep you focused and on track. This simple cleanse can be extended to 14, 21 or 30 days suit your needs. You will have a new relationship with your body, with food and find new confidence.

  • I lost 12 pounds in a month!

    The food plan was easy to follow. I never felt hungry. Until the Master Cleanse, I struggled breaking my weight plateau. I love this plan! (Inge)

  • The smoothies are delicious. I feel great!

    I did not know what to expect. This product was very gentle on my system! I feel great! The program comes with really good recipes. I loved the online support. (Sabine)

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