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Wired? Tired? Bloated? Blah?

Are you tired? Lost interest in things you used to love because of lack of energy? Cranky? Irritable?  Trouble losing weight? We are glad you are here! 

The following complaints are signs that your body may be overloaded with inflammation and or toxins:

Stubborn weight gain
Muscle aches, Joint pain
Fatigue, Poor sleep
Puffy eyes, dark circles
Fluid build up

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Most people today are settling for low quality of health. Look around and listen to conversations. I was at a Black Tie event recently and at the dinner table I heard 6 out of 7 people complain about some aspect of their health.

Did you know over 90% of the population has some complaint when they eat? Heartburn, bloating, indigestion, gas, queasiness not to mention constipation and other more chronic problems like IBS, diverticulitis and gallbladder problems plague the majority of people.

Did you also know that it is your digestive system that allows your body to heal and restore itself? Your body needs the raw ingredients out of your food, like minerals, amino acids, vitamins, essential fatty acids and other cofactors in order to do the body good like generate and regulate energy, detox itself and restore itself. And it is during sleep that the body does most of the work. Sleep is another one of those habits that many people simply ignore. After all I can always sleep when I am dead. Sure and this will be sooner rather than later if you keep disrupting the natural rhythms of your body and disregard what your body wants to … (read more)

Celebrate National Watermelon Day August 3rd!!


Summertime brings up visuals of watermelons, the beach and taking life easy. In celebration of Watermelon Day I thought I would highlight some facts about this amazing and nutritious fruit!

First, is it true you can tell if a watermelon is ripe by thumping it? Do you knock 3 times (couldn’t help it, Tony Orlando, the song was right there)

Hollow = ripe, like you are thumping your chest
Dense, like you are hitting your head =  not ripe.
Muffled like you are hitting your stomach = too ripe

Try this instead if you can’t tell one thump from another:

 A good watermelon should be symmetrical, heavy for its size, and firm. It should have no cuts, dents, or bruises. Also, look for a pale or buttery yellow “belly” and a dry stem end near the base of the fruit.

How much do you know about watermelon?

1. True or False? Uncut whole watermelon should be refrigerated.
 FALSE: Uncut whole watermelon kept cool does not need to be refrigerated and will keep for  7-10 days at room temperature.  Use cut watermelon within 5 days.

2. True or False? Since you’re not eating the rind, you don’t need to wash the … (read more)

5 Reasons Your Health Depends on Fiber (and it doesn’t come in a muffin or a box)

Fiber is one the forgotten essential nutrients. Today we are flooded with commercials for Fiber in a chewy, sweet, gummy or in a chocolate chip cookie labeled FIBER on the box just to be sure we are not confused!

Really? Think about it for just a minute.

That is Fiber in the world of processed fake food. Let’s get real. In this short article I want to lay out the reasons FIBER is your FRIEND and when you eat a diet rich in this healthy fiber you can improve the quality of your life and support vibrant health.

We all are going to get older.  How well you age is completely up to you.

Fiber is essential. Here are the reasons why:

Blood sugar. Fiber slows down the breakdown of sugars and carbohydrates stabilizing blood sugar. Feel full faster.  When you eat a diet rich in fiber you feel full and satisfied. You eat less, taking in fewer calories and maintain your weight and even lose weight. Your heart LOVES fiber. Studies show that a diet rich in fiber can reduce risk of heart disease by 40%.  In addition for every 7 grams of fiber consumed you reduce your risk… (read more)
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